Shelf Company in Vietnam: Why Should You Invest in One?

Businesses have to adapt to fast-changing markets and antiquated bureaucracies like that of Vietnam. Setting up a company in Vietnam can involve time-consuming and cumbersome processes normal for any developing nation.  Investors who have no time but need a company immediately can purchase a shelf company, also known as a ready-made company. These are previously … Continued

Shelf Company vs. Registering a Company in Vietnam

According to official World Bank figures, Vietnam’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which accounts for 0.27 percent of the global economy, was valued at 362.64 trillion US dollars in 2021. This rate is approximately 2.1 percent higher than it was in 2011. Due to Vietnam’s political stability and booming economy, foreign businesses have been pouring in … Continued

Buying a Business in Vietnam Made Easy with Shelf Companies: Key Considerations

Foreign investors in Vietnam are often inclined towards giving a quick boost to their business in terms of financing, reputation, and sales. To achieve this, they often consider buying a shelf company. A shelf company is also called an aged or ready-made company because it has been set up in advance and is ready for … Continued

Your Guide to Acquiring an Existing Company (Shelf Company) in Vietnam

Whether you are an existing or a new player, acquiring an existing company in Vietnam, can be the start of something new when it comes to doing business in Vietnam. However, the decision to acquire an existing company under your wing can not be taken lightly as it can backfire your initial plan to increase … Continued