Vietnam’s Work Permit and Temporary Residence Card for Foreigners

As Vietnam’s economy grows, the demand for foreign workers has also grown due to the lack of local qualified workers and an increasing number of foreign businesses setting up here. As more and more foreign workers enter the country, businesses must be cognizant of the regulations related to the acquisition of work permits and Temporary Residence Cards in Vietnam.

Vietnam Investment Law: Quality Investors Need to Know

Vietnam investment law has been multiplying in the past few years. Thanks to its fast and efficient response to the coronavirus pandemic, Vietnam has a speedy economic recovery compared to other countries in Asia. Data from GSO indicated that in the first 6 months of 2023, the gross domestic product (GDP) experienced a growth rate … Continued

[2023 Updates] Work Permit in Vietnam: Requirements and Procedures

Before foreigners can penetrate the market and start working on their business in Vietnam, they need to think of a work visa or a work permit. In addition to being an excellent destination for tourism, Vietnam is a country full of professional and business opportunities. With Decree 70/2023/ND-CP, foreign investors as well as businesses will … Continued

Comprehensive Immigration Guide for Foreign Investors in Vietnam

Investing and wondering about your immigration in Vietnam? Starting a company in Vietnam is the first step in the process, once you have proof that you have a business in your name you may apply for the relevant visas. This is your comprehensive guide to immigration in Vietnam as an investor, whether you want to … Continued

Vietnam Immigration Blacklist: How Does it Affect Immigrants?

Thousands of foreigners from all over the world visit Vietnam for a vacation or a long-term career. While Vietnam is a wonderful location to visit and enjoy, if one does not adhere to Vietnam’s visa and immigration requirements, they risk being placed on the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist, which might jeopardize their whole trip. What is … Continued

How to Get a Work Permit to Teach English in Vietnam

There are plenty of English teaching opportunities in Vietnam and the country is considered one of the most popular ESL teachers hubs in the world. Therefore, it is relatively easy to get a job as an English teacher in Vietnam, particularly for native English speakers. Coming to Vietnam? See Cekindo’s business visa services for foreign … Continued

Vaccinated Visitors Set to be Allowed to Enter Vietnam in Q4 2021

This article is now outdated and no longer relevant as COVID restrictions in Vietnam have generally been lifted nationwide and international tourism has resumed as normal. Having understood that the coronavirus is here to stay and that we must learn to live with it, economies around the world have started reconciling and returning to normalcy … Continued

Can Foreigners Enjoy Retirement in Vietnam? (2022 Update)

Thinking about retiring but not sure where to settle down? With its rich culture and landscapes, temperate climate, wonderful cuisine, and low living expenses, Vietnam has remained one of the top locations for international retirees seeking to make the most of their golden years. Vietnam not only provides seniors with a fulfilling yet budget-friendly lifestyle. … Continued

Different Types of Visas Available to Foreign Investors in Vietnam

The unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt affected the economy of every country, and Vietnam is one of them. The General Statistics Office of Vietnam reported that Vietnam’s GDP declined by 3.8% in the first quarter of 2020. However, this is not bad news for investors. On the contrary, this environment … Continued