How can You Change the Name of Your Company in Vietnam?

When it comes to business setup in Vietnam, you may need to change the name of your company. This article is your guide to change company name in Vietnam.

Maybe you do not like your company name, or your company name contains your former partner’s name, or the company name does not feel right anymore for your business operations. Whatever the reason is, business setup in Vietnam, particularly the process of legally changing your company name is often not complex if you engage with a professional consultant.

The process of changing your company name involves certain legal requirements depending that will pretty much depend on on the national and state-level laws. Therefore, you must be aware of any restrictions, such as the type of name change you require, and when you are allowed to change it.

What follows in this article is a basic guideline on how you can change your company name in Vietnam.

Business Name Regulations in Vietnam

In accordance with Company Law in Vietnam, entrepreneurs of both Vietnamese nationals and foreigners who want to set up a company in Vietnam must select and reserve a company name.

The chosen name, however, must comply with the requirements below:

  • Select a Vietnamese business name, then you need to make a reservation with the Trade Register in Vietnam
  • Choose and register your foreign business name with the Trade Register of Vietnam Companies
  • It is also compulsory that you submit your company’s abbreviated name to the Companies Registry
  • The company must be verified and you should ensure that no other companies have used it
  • The company name must consist of the legal entity form that the company will operate under

When all mentioned requirements fulfilled, the Companies House will approve the business name and the company will be incorporated. Business owners will then be able to use their chosen and submitted names.

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When You Can Change Your Business Name in Vietnam

You can change your legal business name under several circumstances. Below are some of the common conditions when business owners change their company names in Vietnam:

  • The existing business name does not represent the new products and services and is no longer applicable to the company, as the company has changed its core business activities.
  • The company is currently being taken over by another company in a merger and acquisition process
  • The company goes through rebranding. Rebranding is considered the most common reason why business owners change their company names
  • The company name is too confusing or generic and the business owner wants to change it

As discussed earlier, you need to fulfill several legal steps before your new company name can be acknowledged and legalised in Vietnam and only then you can continue running your business.

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How to Change Your Business Name in Vietnam

Here are the simplified steps to change your company name in Vietnam:

  1. The shareholders must vote in a meeting in order to change the business name
  2. Notify the Trade Register and request the change of business name
  3. Revise the Articles of Association and Memorandum of the company and with the new approved name
  4. Give notifications to all related authorities such as licensing and tax departments about the name change
  5. Replace the old name with the new name on the company seal and all company’s official documents.

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