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5G Technology in Vietnam

Status and Investment Opportunities in 5G Technology Vietnam

A detailed overview of investment opportunities in 5G Technology in Vietnam and what foreign investors should place their focus on.

vietnam wealth management sector

Vietnam Wealth Management Sector Projected to be the Fastest Growing in APAC

With the rise of FinTech companies in Vietnam, the wealth management sector is expanding faster and becoming more competitive than ever.

vietnam rent support

Vietnamese government provides financial rental support for employees

The Vietnamese Government has a new policy to provide financial rental support for workers living in rented properties.

4pl 3pl companies vietnam

Top 3PL Vs 4PL companies in Vietnam, a Logistics Industry Overview

The fast development of the retail industry has made Vietnam a viable option for investment and growth by the third-party (3PL) and the fourth-party (4PL) logistics sector. 

vietnam unicorns

Vietnam’s 4 Unicorns Solidify the Country’s growth in the digital space in Southeast Asia

With a booming economy Vietnam has been witness to an explosive growth in startups, and 4 of those have officially become unicorns. Read more.

US investments in Vietnam

Updates on US investments in Vietnam, a Surprisingly Fruitful Partnership

Vietnam happens to be one of the United States' biggest business partners in the Southeast Asian region. US investments in Vietnam is expected to continue growing.

ESG Vietnam

Understanding the scope of ESG in Vietnam, Corporate Sustainability Governance Reporting

ESG in Vietnam is quickly becoming an important part of corporate responsibility & reporting for foreign companies operating in the country.

investment guide to southeast asia

Investment Guide to Southeast Asia, Top Opportunities by Country

Read this guide before you invest in Asia's Silicon Valley, where you can find an established consumer base and a thriving digital economy.


Considering Outsourced and In-house Payroll Management when expanding to Vietnam

Your go-to guide for choosing between an outsourced or in-house payroll management system, especially if you're expanding to Vietnam.

potential for vietnam coffee industry

Vietnam’s Coffee Market, an Attractive Environment for new Investments

Are you interested in investing in Vietnam's agriculture sector? Read this article to see what the country's coffee industry has to offer.

NFT Sector Vietnam

A Comprehensive Overview of the NFT Sector in Vietnam

Southeast Asia has the highest adoption rate of NFTs worldwide, & Vietnam is host to some of the biggest NFT startups in Asia. Find out why.

E-learning industry Vietnam

Vietnam Elearning Market: Industry Trends, Size & Growth Opportunities

Education & E-learning has become an issue of priority in Vietnam with the government as well as private families increaseing their budgets for education.