Guide to Corporate Secretarial & Compliance Services in Vietnam

Corporate secretarial includes minute preparation, company resolutions, local compliance updates, meeting report deadlines, and all other administrative operations that support business charter duties and local regulations.

So you are running your business in Vietnam and you are finding ways to fine-tune your business processes and outsource some menial tasks?

With the impressive rise of foreign direct investments and Vietnam being part of more and more international trade deals Vietnam’s economy is developing quickly. This comes with huge gaps in a new consumer-driven market and plenty of manufacturing opportunities. However, growing pains cannot be avoided; there are multifarious legal compliances one needs to meet in order to legally operate in the country. More often than not, these compliances, coupled with the changing laws make it a challenge for businesses to deal with. 

In such a case, a professional corporate secretarial service in Vietnam, such as that offered by Cekindo, can help you stay on top of all legal compliances.

In this article, we’ll discuss what are the aspects of corporate secretarial services in Vietnam and how they can help you focus on the bottom line of your business and save overhead costs.

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What are the benefits of having a corporate secretary in Vietnam?

Corporate secretaries make operating a business in Vietnam a relatively easy task by managing various activities that would have, otherwise, needed a separate department in the company and moreover add to the management stress. Following are some of the key benefits of having a corporate secretary:

  • Avoid the risk of penalties by staying on top of all legal compliances, existing or updated.
  • Aid to the CEO in handling even the minute things that can be a bigger issue if ignored. Other aspects where corporate secretaries assist CEOs are with board meetings, structuring the legal framework of the company, and micromanaging, etc. 
  • Avail regular consultation at your fingertips with a team of qualified legal experts.
  • Assistance in administrative procedures while applying for licenses
  • Overall costs of Corporate Secretarial are low.

What are Corporate Secretarial Services

Cekindo, as your corporate secretarial service provider, can help you gain a comprehensive experience of running a business smoothly, through:

  • Advisory Services: Advisory and execution on local statutory compliance, including advisory on adding of new shareholders & investors during fundraising rounds.
  • Deadlines and Updates: Regular provision of statutory and regulatory updates to all clients.
  • Maintaining Statutory Books and Registers: Collecting & updating sufficient dossiers of your company as part of Vietnam’s compliance requirements. 
  • Forming Company Constitution: Forming the original company constitution as well as implementing updates as needed.
  • Outsourcing – Annual Compliance Work: Preparing the C-level managers for general & extraordinary meetings. Drafting of meeting minutes, resolution of meetings of shareholders, board of directors, members of council & board of managers.

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Timeline of our Corporate Secretarial Services

Cekindo offers corporate secretarial services under the following timeline:


  • Active consultancy & regular updates on new laws.
  • Legal advisory on specific business or compliance matters relating to client, company, and business sectors.
  • Translating documents from Vietnamese into English and vice versa; getting documents certified, notarized by the competent authorities.
  • Researching and updating legal documents for specific or general fields.


  • Preparing and submitting FDI reports to the Investment Registration Authority.


  • Help prepare reports for shareholding board meetings, general meetings, or specific meetings: advising, preparing meeting minutes & resolutions. 
  • Acting as a secretary in Board of Directors/shareholders meetings upon request (to draft meeting minutes, resolution of General Meeting of shareholders, board of directors, members of the council, and board of managers.)
  • Maintaining Statutory Books & Registers.

3 times per year

  • Help update ERC (Enterprise Registration Certificate)

How to hire Cekindo as your corporate secretary

  • Submit all your relevant personal information and required documents on our portal.
  • Schedule a call with our corporate legal experts.
  • Once you’ve had your consultation with our experts, to get started, choose the plan best fit for you and step the road to successfully running a business in Vietnam.

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