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vietnam F&B Industry

Top F&B Startups in Vietnam Shaking up the Industry

In 2020, the F&B sector in Vietnam clocked USD 42 million in revenue and made a 15.8% contribution to the GDP of the country.

vietnam world manufacturing hub

Growth Opportunities in Vietnam: World’s Manufacturing Hub, Key Industries, and Market Entry Strategies

Only a few economies, like Vietnam's, have the infrastructure and human resources to serve as a base for Asia's shifting industrial locations.

Singapore Vietnam Investment

Compelling Reasons Singaporean Tech Companies Should Invest in Vietnam

Singapore has been a significant contributor to Vietnam's FDI inflows during the last few years and retained its place as the number one foreign investor.

e-commerce vietnam

Vietnam E-Commerce Trends for 2022 & Beyond – What To Expect

Vietnam's E-Commerce market experienced rapid growth in 2021, with no indications of slowing down, thanks to the rapid inflow of foreign investments, a good regulatory framework, and improved internet access.

Vietnam Primary Property Market

How to Buy Property on Vietnam’s Primary Market?

Property can be purchased on the primary or secondary market in Vietnam. Let's have a look at how to buy an apartment on the secondary market.

VAT reduction in Vietnam

Vietnam passes a VAT reduction as Tax relief for 2022 due to COVID-19

A good news for all businesses: on January 11, Vietnam cut VAT rate to 8% to support the economy during COVID-19.

vietnam goods labeling regulations

Vietnam Updates Goods Labeling Regulations

Vietnam’s latest update on Goods Labeling and how the Goods Labeling process is impacted. Check the details down below.

vietnam entry requirements quarantine rules

Vietnam Travel Guide in 2022: Restrictions, Quarantine and Visa

Vietnam entry requirements and quarantine rules have been relaxed. No quarantine is needed, and you can apply for a 30-day tourist visa.

Vietnam's Alternative Investing Destination

Danang’s Industrial Park: Vietnam’s Alternative Investing Destination

Danang has converted itself into the country's fastest-growing economy. Look into Vietnam's Alternative Investing Destination today now!

vietnam start carbon pricing 2025

Vietnam Plans to Start Carbon Pricing in 2025

Although among the most pollution nations in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is making improvements to its laws with the new carbon pricing Decree.

Vietnam's Automobile Industry

The Thriving Landscape of Vietnam’s Automobile Industry

In recent years, Vietnam's automobile industry has been thriving and it becomes a fertile ground for all foreign investors. Discover more!

Vietnam FDI audit

What every Foreign Company needs to know about the annual FDI Audit in Vietnam

This simple FDI audit is required of every foreign company doing business in Vietnam. The audit is due on March 31st of the calendar year.