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Foreign Contractor Withholding Tax in Vietnam

Foreign Contractor Withholding Tax in Vietnam – What You Need to Know

In summary, the foreign contractor withholding tax occurs in Vietnam when a foreign company offers a paid service to any company in Vietnam.

Contract Manufacturing Vietnam

Shifting your contract manufacturing from China to Vietnam? What you need to know

As global manufacturing trends are shifting away from China, Vietnam has risen as a viable option for contract manufacturing.

Vietnam in RCEP

Vietnam in RCEP: How the Country Fits Into Asia’s Most Important Trading Bloc

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a free trade agreement (FTA) between ASEAN member nations and China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

Vietnam's Green Energy Investment Opportunities

A Comprehensive Guide to Green Energy Growth & Investment Opportunities in Vietnam

By putting a focus on green energy projects, Vietnam has been taking the initiative to create a sustainable future and diversify its power mix.

vietnam fintech industry investor guide

The Remarkable rise of Vietnam’s Fintech Industry, a Comprehensive Guide for Investors

The fintech industry's transaction value in Vietnam is expected to reach USD 26,738 million by 2025. Read our investment overview.

Tax Advisor Vietnam

Tax Advisory Service Vietnam, Assistance for Foreign Companies

Having a tax advisor is the most full-proof way for your business to stay updated & compliant while operating in Vietnam

Vietnam FDI Report

What foreign companies in Vietnam need to know about submitting their annual FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) report

FDI reports in Vietnam are different than quarterly tax reports, annual financial statements, or annual audits. Fines for not being in compliance can be quite high.

Register E-commerce Website Vietnam

How to Register an E-Commerce website in Vietnam

All you need to know in order to register your E-commerce website in Vietnam: a complete guide.

Start a Business

Vietnam Ranked Among the Top 10 Countries to Start a Business – Find Out Why

Vietnam was recently ranked 7th in the list of best countries to start a business according to a recent report by UsNews.

Why Singaporean F&B Brands Should Expand to Vietnam

Vietnam was recognized as one of the most promising food-and-beverage markets in the world in 2019 (ranking 10th in Asia).

Vietnam Tourism Industry 2022

Vietnam’s Tourism Industry is All Set to Bounce Back in 2022 – What Investors Should Know.

With over 19 million tourists flocking to Vietnam in 2019, and spending around USD 32.76 billion each year, the government has been mulling the decision to reopen Vietnam’s tourism industry in 2022

Vietnam Australia Trade

Vietnam-Australia Trade Relations to Deepen looking forward to 2022 and beyond

Despite the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia became Vietnam’s  10th biggest trade partner. Both the nations are striving to step up trade and investment ties as well as strengthen their relationship pragmatically.