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jewelry manufacturing vietnam benefits

Exploring the Benefits of Jewelry Manufacturing in Vietnam: A Guide for Foreign Investors and Companies

Thanks to the rich cultural history, jewelry manufacturing in Vietnam has become a staple and holds significant investment opportunities.

vietnam attracting global clothing manufacturing

Vietnam Is A Top Choice for Clothing Manufacturing: Here’s Why

Did you know Adidas and Nike have 276 factories in Vietnam? Here's a breakdown of what makes Vietnam attractive for clothing manufacturing.

vietnam furniture manufacturing trends how to start

New Trends in Vietnam’s Furniture Market – Why You Should Start Manufacturing in Vietnam Today

Vietnam has overtaken China as the top exporter of furniture to the US. Here's what's trending and how you can start production today.

vietnam average salary affordable for doing business

Low Average Salary Makes Vietnam One of the Most Affordable Countries for Doing Business

Vietnam is among the three countries in Asia with the lowest operating costs for businesses, largely thanks to its low average salary.

bac ninh top destination manufacturing

Bac Ninh is Vietnam’s Top Destination for High-Tech Manufacturing

Bac Ninh has turned from an agricultural province to Vietnam's manufacturing capital. Discover its business opportunities with this article.

switch business process outsourcing to incorp vietnam

Switch to InCorp Vietnam for your Business Process Outsourcing

Doing business in Vietnam is a unique but complex experience. Here's how to make your business processes efficient and hassle-free with InCorp Vietnam (formerly Cekindo).

vat refunds in vietnam your questions answered

VAT Refunds for Companies in Vietnam: Your Questions Answered

In Vietnam, VAT refunds are given to companies that overpay their VAT. Read for more details on eligibility, deadlines, and how to apply.

luxury watches and jewelry vietnam

How Popular are Luxury Watches and Jewelry in Vietnam? – An Overview of the Market

The Vietnam luxury market has barely felt the impact of the COVID pandemic: market growth is stronger than ever, and watches and jewelry are in vogue.

16 Free trade Agreeements

The Definitive Guide to Vietnam’s 16 Active Free Trade Agreements (Updated August 2023)

Vietnam has come a long way from the war-torn, underdeveloped colony, partly thanks to its 15 FTAs with over 50 countries and economic blocs.

complete guide corporate tax compliance obligations vietnam

Complete Guide to Corporate Taxes and Compliance Obligations in Vietnam made by Experts

Vietnam has quite a complex tax structure. This guide details all corporate taxes (CIT, VAT, PIT) and compliance processes in Vietnam.

what electronics manufacturers see in vietnam

What do Electronics Manufacturers See in Vietnam’s $116 Billion Industry?

Apple is making iPads in Vietnam. Samsung is making smartphones in Vietnam. Xiaomi also started production here. There has to be a reason.

turnkey manufacturing newest contracting trend southeast asia

Turnkey Manufacturing (EPC): The Newest Contracting Trend in Southeast Asia

Find out what turnkey manufacturing is, why it is taking over Southeast Asian supply chains and how it can help your manufacturing process.