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small business ideas in vietnam

5 Small Business Ideas in Vietnam You Should Pursue

What small business ideas in Vietnam that foreigners should pursue? Our legal team came up with the following fields you should check and invest in.

business restrictions in Vietnam

Foreign Investment Restrictions in Vietnam

Learn about restrictions and avoid business sectors that foreign investors are prohibited from in Vietnam. This is your guide.

Latest Payroll Regulations Vietnam

[2022 Update] Payroll Regulations to Keep in Mind While Doing Business in Vietnam

Local and foreign employees are required to comply with payroll regulations in Vietnam. Read the most updated information on the topic.

Trading Guide: How to Export Goods from Australia to Vietnam

Trading Guide: How to Export Goods from Australia to Vietnam?

Are you an Australia-based entrepreneur who intends to export goods to Vietnam? Read this overview on Vietnam's import & expert rules.

Foreign Employees and Employers

Insider Tips for Foreign Employees and Employers in Vietnam

This article summarises the process, requirements, restrictions, and application dossier when dealing with foreign employment in Vietnam.

limited liability companies in vietnam

Starting and Operating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Vietnam: The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need

Here is everything you need to know about the setup timeline of an LLC, the most common business entity in Vietnam, from start to finish.

shelf company in vietnam

Shelf Company in Vietnam: Why Should You Invest in One?

Purchasing a shelf company in Vietnam is the fastest way how to penetrate the market. Learn the benefits of buying ready-made companies in Vietnam.

Health Supplement Registration Process in Vietnam

Guide to Health Supplement Registration in Vietnam

This article provides an overview of what foreign investors need to know in order to be successful in health supplement registration in Vietnam.

5 cities to do business in vietnam other than hcmc and hanoi

5 Cities to Do Your Business in Vietnam that are NOT Hanoi and HCMC

Top 5 cities to set up your business in Vietnam, that are not Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, based on analysis and economic potential.

Vietnam's Cosmetics Market: 7 Questions Answered for Importers

Unlocking the Potential of Vietnam’s Cosmetics Market: 7 Key Questions Answered for Importers

Our legal experts answered 7 most common questions on how to import cosmetics and beauty products to Vietnam market. All are summarized in this article.

reasons to start a business in vietnam

7 Reasons to Choose Vietnam to Start a Business: Southeast Asia’s Future Business Hub

Looking for an investment hotspot to start your business? Vietnam gives you 7 reasons to make it your next base of operations.