How Virtual Office in Ho Chi Minh City Allows Businesses to Focus on Digital-related Activities

The world has never been this innovative. If you want to focus on digital-related activities, use a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City. Learn why.

In today’s mobile and innovative world, a company no longer requires a four-walled space to thrive. Most businesses around the world, including in a big city like Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam, have now waved goodbye to the 9-5 office setting with virtual office solutions.

The solution is a life-saver especially for new enterprises as their cash flow is tight and leasing a conventional office is too big of a commitment.

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Therefore, without having to invest heavily in an office space and still being able to maintain a professional presence with a distinguished business address, virtual offices allow you to have the flexibility and freedom to work whenever, wherever you want. Plus, you can easily set up a business address in a new country without the need to physically relocate.

In addition to the added benefits of having a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City, the reason businesses in Vietnam use virtual offices is that it is forbidden to register a residential address as your business address in the country.

To incorporate a company in Saigon, you will need a certificate of domicile indicating that you have a real business address in the city. Because of this, investors prefer virtual offices as it provides a legit business address for company registration without having to rent an actual office.

Let Cekindo explain to you how using a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City can help your business focus on digital-related activities.

The Economical Option: Virtual Offices

virtual office ho chi minh

Large initial setup costs and monthly overheads are inevitable when you run your business in Ho Chi Minh City with a brick-and-mortar office.

Physical offices require setting up, renovating, insuring and furnishing; and money used to maintain the office here and there can add up overtime.

Therefore, if you have decided to make use of virtual offices, you are going to save yourself a lot of money by forging those hefty expenses necessary to maintain a conventional office.

Using a virtual office does not mean that you will lose all the functionality you have in a real office space. On the contrary, you only have to pay a very minimal amount and still being able to retain all real-world office functions.

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With the extra money you have by opting for a virtual office, you can put it into other areas to grow your business – for instance, digital marketing.

Invest in Digital Marketing

virtual office and digital marketing

Virtual offices enable startups and businesses to make use of the extra resources and complete high-tech facilities to prioritise their digital marketing. Digital marketing is of critical importance nowadays as it enables you to reach a wider target audience and convert them into potential sales.

Digital marketing is more efficient and cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing as it functions over the digital platforms and media that you utilise on a daily basis. With that, all the things you need to market your products or services are actually on your fingertips; especially when you have a tight marketing budget.

Additionally, digital marketing gives you the competitive edge over your rivals by staying on top of your industry – people are now looking for services, products and information they need on the internet now, unlike decades ago.

As a result, through a virtual office and the digital media, you will gain a higher control over your marketing campaign while still having a flexible work schedule and freedom of work location.

Why Choose Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Ideal for startups and businesses of all sizes, Cekindo’s virtual offices in Ho Chi Minh City enable you to enjoy all the benefits of a physical office at a minimal cost – without paying hefty rent or tying up to a long-term contract.

Our virtual office offers the most prestigious business address, meeting rooms, mail handling, professional reception services, and free business consultation with no setup period. You can just move in and work on your projects right away.

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