Hiring IT Staff in Vietnam? Employee Benefits You Should Know

Between 2010 and 2020, the need for IT experts in Vietnam nearly quadrupled in IT sectors like technical support, software development, user experience, and interface, project and product management, data science, and quality assurance and quality control. As the need for IT experts rises, the competition gets tough…not just for employees, but for employers as … Continued

It is Not just about Efficiency: Benefits of Recruitment Outsourcing in Vietnam

The expectations of employees and employers have changed over the years due to the complexity and growth of the talent market. Therefore, HR managers today are under a lot of pressure to obtain top talent while fulfilling the employer’s requirements. Not to mention, they will also need support from the company in terms of resources, … Continued

How do You Speed up Hiring Process in Vietnam?

A common strategy companies employ within the hiring process in Vietnam is associating a prolonged hiring process with recruiting a high-quality team. Although there is some merit to this argument, the pace could potentially leave you missing out on the best candidates. The importance of finding the balance between these will not only ensure you … Continued

Recruitment in Vietnam: The Guide to Local & Foreign Employment

You will need to create your local workforce for a successful start in Vietnam. When it comes to recruitment in Vietnam, it is possible to hire local people and bring foreign talents into the country. Hiring locals with strong English abilities and skills can be a challenge, just as bringing foreign workers into the country … Continued

How to Obtain an HR License in Vietnam

Human Resources agencies are responsible for providing and managing competent employees to local and international firms. That is why it is monitored with strict rules and regulations in Vietnam. The government does have strict rules and regulations for foreign investors looking to establish a company for providing outsourced HR services in Vietnam. The HR Companies … Continued

Employment in Vietnam: Frequently Asked Questions

In all successful businesses in Vietnam, the key relies on recruiting the right person for the right role. Every year, 1.5 million young members of the workforce enter the job market. While there are definitely potential employees who are both talented and resilient, when it comes to employment in Vietnam, there are certain things employers … Continued

A Guide to Recruiting Interns In Vietnam

Internship programs in Vietnam provide the groundwork for finding the right employee for the desired position in a company. In Vietnam, there can be a plethora of interns to choose from, as the young population here is often multi-lingual and multi-skilled, with a great reserve of young IT professionals.  Moreover, owing to the country’s strategic … Continued

What to Know About Recruitment Technology when Doing Business in Vietnam

For small enterprises and large organizations alike, quality human resources are imperative for business success. Therefore, at some point in the entrepreneurial journey, business owners will consider building their internal HR team or hire a third-party professional to deal with their recruitment and HR processes in Vietnam. Read More About Cekindo’s Business Process Outsourcing Services … Continued