Must You Invest in Recruitment Technology when Doing Business in Vietnam?

Recruitment technology in Vietnam will make recruitment process faster and more efficient. But, must you invest in it when doing business?

For small enterprises and large organisations alike, quality human resources are an imperative business success. Therefore, at some point in the entrepreneurial journey, business owners will consider building their internal HR team or hire a third-party professional to deal with their recruitment and HR processes in Vietnam.

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However, as companies grow, it may become difficult for an in-house HR team to handle tedious and complex tasks such as obtaining the best talents and employee management. This is true, especially when you don’t have the right recruitment resources such as technology and expertise.

Ask Yourself These Questions before Investing in Recruitment Technology

Recruitment technology will no doubt make your recruitment process faster and more efficient.

However, must you really invest in recruitment technology when doing business in Vietnam?

It depends. There are certain things to consider. For example, you need to look into your current business circumstances, infrastructure, and investment priorities.

Here are the three questions you need to ask yourself before injecting a huge amount of money into the expensive recruitment technology.

1. Does the investment fit your current strategy?

You should think beyond cost and time, and ask yourself if recruitment technology such as chatbots or marketing platforms will help attract more ideal candidates? Does it align with your goal to attract the best candidates?

Try to lay out all the benefits and costs and compare which one stands out the most.

2. Can technology improve your candidate experience positively?

It is undeniable that technology automation has made the recruitment process more streamlined and more convenient.

However, certain steps of the recruitment process require the human touch to enhance the candidate’s experience in a positive way.

For example, chatbots enable you to respond to your candidate immediately and answer them with some simple questions.

However, it is not designed to replace human interaction as it is still not smart enough to deal with the candidate’s specific questions. Candidates will quickly turn away if they can’t get the information they need.

3. Who should you trust to select the ideal technology?

You need help from industry experts, technology providers, or an outsourcing partner to help you choose the right technology. It is not a small amount of money after all and you don’t want to make a wrong investment.

After your answers ‘No’ to any of the questions above, you may not need to invest in recruitment technology when doing business in Vietnam.

Instead, you can seek alternatives. For example, outsourced recruitment in Vietnam is an excellent option to overcome technological challenges.

A recruitment outsourcing expert like Cekindo has the expertise and the most advanced technology you need to help you save time and maximise your recruitment effort.

And the best part is, you don’t have to invest in costly technology that may take you a long time to break even.

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Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Vietnam

The benefits of recruitment process outsourcing in Vietnam can be enormous for your business both long and short term. The major benefits associated are as follows:

  • Huge talent pool
  • Shorter time to hire
  • Great quality of candidates
  • Reduced costs in marketing and advertising
  • Scalability of employees
  • Effective analytics and reporting
  • Compliance with local regulations

Why Partner with Cekindo

Whenever you have a need for recruitment in Vietnam, Cekindo is ready to provide.

With our professional team of recruiters and a network of top talents, you will obtain a stream of excellent candidates whenever you need the most.

Cekindo’s outsourced recruitment in Vietnam takes away repetitive and time-consuming recruitment tasks from your team, allowing them to focus on activities that can make your business grow and flourish.

From job posting to candidate screening, shortlisting to interview arrangement, we can customise our solutions to fit your recruitment needs.

Contact Cekindo and let us be your ideal outsourcing partner for recruitment in Vietnam.

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