Cekindo’s consultants answered the frequently asked questions about business processes and requirements for running a company in Vietnam. If you still feel unsure about specific procedures or require a private consultancy, please let us know by the form below. Our professionals will reach you back within two working days.

Company Registration in Vietnam

I would like to expand my business to Vietnam. Can I set up a company there as a foreigner?

Is there any option how to expand my business without incorporating a company in Vietnam?

What are the company types in Vietnam?

What are the benefits of a local nominee company and shelf company?

Will I be able to hold 100 percent ownership of a foreign-owned company?

Is there any minimum capital required prior to company registration in Vietnam?

I want to set up my company as soon as possible, is there some way to speed up the registration process?

I would like to set up a local company, but I do not have a reliable local partner to act as the shareholder. What should I do?

VISA in Vietnam

Is it possible to use a business visa to work in Vietnam?

Is it easy to obtain a business visa or working permit?

Who can be a visa sponsor?


My company has been established but currently does not have any activities, should I report the company’s taxation?

Is there any obligation regarding company payroll?

What are the deadlines for annual tax return?

Product Registration

My company is planning to distribute products in Vietnam, what are the regulations that we need to consider?

Is it safe to register the product under a local distributor?

What are the commonly imported products in Vietnam?