Coworking Spaces in Vietnam: The Trends for 2020

Coworking space in Vietnam has seen significant growth. Find out what the trends will be like in 2020 in this article and book one right away.

A significant shift is observed in how people work and regard their future workspaces. A coworking space now allows people to move out from conventional offices and cafes to a much flexible and creative working environment anywhere in the world, including in Vietnam.

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These revolutionary office solutions aren’t just a fad, they are here to stay and are constantly evolving to offer more cost-effective solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises, and to satisfy both employee and employer’s needs and demands. Opportunities for collaboration, interaction, and idea-sharing, as well as affordability and flexibility, are some of the perks of co-working spaces. And that’s why more and more aspiring entrepreneurs are seizing the benefits that coworking spaces can offer.

According to a survey, it is estimated that over 6 million users from enterprises take over more than 10 million seats of co-working spaces in 2020, followed by freelancers, small-medium enterprises and startups. The good news is, Vietnam is keeping up the pace and people have also started to embrace this people-centric evolution and the new way of work.

In this article, you will see the latest trends in 2020 for coworking space in Vietnam.

Growth of Coworking Space in Vietnam

According to the Global Coworking Growth Study in 2019, Vietnam has become the 31st fastest-growing country with the growth of coworking space per capita, among 50 countries studied. Also, Ho Chi Minh City was ranked 41st as the world’s 50 fastest-growing coworking markets in another report.

Coworking space in Vietnam has been increasing staggeringly over the years. The statistics show that a new coworking space in Vietnam opens every 47.5 days in the country’s southern metropolis. Leading operators of coworking space in Vietnam such as UP, Toong, UP, Dreamplex and Circo are expanding rapidly. This accelerated expansion is also observed in smaller co-working space operators.

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Globally, the coworking space industry will continue to grow as high as 42% by 2022.

Trends for Co-working Space in Vietnam 2020

Here are some of the trends in 2020 that will shape the future of coworking space in Vietnam:

Synergistic and Consolidating Portfolios

Due to the rise of coworking space in Vietnam, we can see real estate investors want to enjoy a piece of the pie. Therefore there’ll be co-working space merger and acquisition. New funding avenues for financial viability can be observed as well.

Focusing on Employee’s Wellbeing

More and more companies are taking their employee’s well being seriously and are more likely to use coworking space in Vietnam as their employees’ places to work. Not to mention, employers have realised that a happy and healthy employee has higher productivity as well.

Increasing Diverse Coworking Space Providers

Since the concept of coworking spaces is relatively new in Vietnam, there isn’t a lot of variety yet. Therefore, with the ever-diversifying individual needs, we will see a variety of coworking spaces in Vietnam designed to meet each specific need or industry.

High-tech, Sustainable and Green Working Environments

A high-tech, sustainable and green coworking space is not only beneficial for employees’ productivity and wellbeing; this initiative will also bring long-term sustainability and cost-saving for the employers while saving the planet. A modern coworking space in 2020 will see the integration of solar energy, motion-sensor lightings, improved indoor air quality and the reduction of plastics and paper uses.

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