How can Foreigners Get Health Certificates in Vietnam?

A health certificate is required to get a work permit in Vietnam. Learn how you can get both health certificate and work permit in this article.

A health certificate in Vietnam is an official document released by registered and licensed medical institutions and hospitals in the country. These health certificates are usually used for applying for a work permit and TRC once in the country.

The most important benefit of doing a checkup and obtaining a health certificate is to know your health condition and prevent any health conditions or diseases.

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In addition to that, the latest and valid health certificate also allows you to apply for a work permit as a foreigner in Vietnam. This certificate shows your employer you are physically fit to work in Vietnam.

Do keep in mind that the health certificate is only valid for six months upon its issuance for your work permit application.

It is stipulated by the Vietnamese Law that the only way for you to work and run your business in the country permanently is having a work permit.

Without a work permit, the employer hiring a foreigner will face severe sanctions and the foreign employee may be deported.

Therefore, a health certificate is more vital than you think and it is compulsory when it comes to applying for your work permit.

Application Process for Health Certificate in Vietnam for Foreigners

If you want to get a health certificate for yourself or your foreign employee, you need to perform a medical checkup in licensed hospitals or health establishments in Vietnam.

It will be an added advantage for you if you can speak Vietnamese as many of the hospital staff don’t speak English.

Here are the documents you will need to get a health certificate along with the health checkup:

1. Bring a 4 cm x 6 cm photo of the applicant in a white background to the hospital. The photo must not be older than 6 months and it should fit your current appearance.

2. Fill in an application form with details such as the following:

  • Applicant’s full name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Passport number and its issuance date
  • Current residence and correspondence address
  • Purpose of applying for a health certificate
  • Family’s medical history
  • Applicant’s medical history
  • Current medication treatment
  • Obstetric history if you are a female applicant
  • Signature and full name at the bottom of the application form

3. Once the health institution receives the application, they will verify its completeness and validity, as well as putting a seal on the attached photo on the form.

4. The health institution will perform a medical checkup on the applicant including the following tests:

  • Basic physical exam
  • Measure of BMI
  • Urine and blood tests
  • Stool sample test
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)
  • Some other tests when deemed necessary

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Work Permit Application Process in Vietnam

If you wish to avail a Vietnam work permit or work visa as a foreigner, your foreign company must have already had a branch, representative office, or subsidiary in Vietnam.

Also, it is compulsory to follow the mentioned steps below:

  1. Get a sponsorship letter or a pre-approval letter
  2. Obtain a work permit application form from Cekindo.
  3. Fill out the form with all the required information.
  4. Present the status of your temporary residency.
  5. Cekindo will advise you on all the necessary documents (including the health certificate) and handle all the paperwork for the application.
  6. Cekindo will submit the application form together with the complete set of documents to the Vietnamese Department of Labour.

How Cekindo can Assist with Both Health Certificate and Work Permit Applications

It is by law that foreigners setting up a business or working in Vietnam require acquiring a health certificate for their work permit application.

Plus, it is important to take note that due to the influx of foreigners, the procedures for restricted sectors and foreign entry may change over time.

At Cekindo, we can keep you abreast of any updates and help you obtain the health certificate in Vietnam for your work permit application.

To get started with Cekindo to obtain your health certificate and work permit in Vietnam, speak to one of our professional consultants now. Fill in the form below.

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