Introduction to a Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

A temporary residence card is an essential document for foreigners staying in Vietnam long-term. Understand how to apply.

In order to encourage tourism and investments from abroad, the government has recently relaxed the process of obtaining a temporary residence card in Vietnam.

This permit is an essential document for foreigners who are staying in the country long-term and as well as a mandatory part of applications submitted by foreigners who want to extend their stay in Vietnam for both personal and business purposes.

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This article answers questions regarding the purpose, requirements, eligibility, procedure and validity of a temporary residency card in Vietnam and makes relocation and life in the new country more accessible.

Purpose of a Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

A temporary residence card (TRC) enables foreigners who reside in Vietnam for a longer period of time to work there, do business, study or do research without fear of being deported from the country.

This card acts as proof of identity and an entry visa when traveling in and out of Vietnam or within its borders. As a result, foreign nationals do not need to apply for a visa extension or renewal each time they enter or leave the territory.

In addition to that, foreigners need a temporary residence card for processes such as opening a bank account, subscribing for a long-term phone or internet plan, or getting insurance.

Noticeably, in case of failing to comply with the Immigration law and not owning a TRC, or overstaying the granted period, foreigners can be sentenced to imprisonment.

A temporary residence card should not be mistaken with a so-called permanent residence card (PRC) as conditions under which foreigners can apply for a PRC much stricter and limited.

Eligibility of Foreigners for TRC

The following list introduces foreign citizens who are eligible to apply and obtain a TRC:

  • an owner of the single-member limited liability company
  • a member of the multi-member limited liability company
  • a licensed lawyer who is allowed to practice law legally in Vietnam authorized by the Ministry of Justice
  • foreigners with granted work permits in all types of businesses or representative offices owned by foreign companies
  • a professional, trainee, or student who is in programs that are authorized by the Vietnamese government
  • a relative or family member of a Vietnamese citizen

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Vietnam Temporary Residence Card: Requirements & Procedure

According to the 2015 Immigration Law, the competent authority to which foreigners should apply for the temporary residence card is the Ministry of Affairs in Vietnam.

The important documents to get a new TRC, include the following. Also, it is crucial to note that documents in foreign languages other than Vietnamese must be translated and notarised based on the Immigration Law in Vietnam:

  • A written request for a temporary residence card
  • A declaration of the foreigner applying for the temporary residence card
  • The applicant’s passport with a valid visa
  • Other proofs of your status in Vietnam depending on circumstances. For instance: sponsor business record, investment certificate, residence registration, work permit, business registration certificate, license of a representative office, certificate of seal registration, branches of the company, or evidence of a relationship with family members such as marriage certificate and birth certificate, etc.

The Validity

The validity of a temporary residence card ranges from 1 year to 3 years and is extendable.


Below are some latest updates on that all foreign companies and individuals should pay attention to:

1. Small investors are not eligible for TRC anymore
Now, each foreign individual must invest more than VND3 billion in a company to be eligible for a TRC.

For even large investments, foreigners will get a TRC for up to 10 years.

However, for those who do not fulfill the minimum capital investment, they will only be able to apply for a DT4 business visa with a maximum validity of one year.

2. Foreign corporate investors can have an individual representative in Vietnam to receive a TRC or visa
Under the new permit and visa laws, a representative of the corporate investor is allowed to receive the TRC or business visa for up to 10 years.

For further information about a temporary residence card in Vietnam or company and product registrations, get in touch with Cekindo. One of our experienced advisors will assist you and provide you with tailored-made business solutions.

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