A Guide to Opening a Dental Clinic in Vietnam

If opening a dental clinic in Vietnam is going to be one of your entrepreneurial ventures, this guide elaborates the requirements and procedure.

If opening a dental clinic in Vietnam is going to be one of your entrepreneurial ventures, this guide is for you. With recent changes foreigners can now own and operate a 100% foreign owned business.

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Requirements for Opening a Dental Clinic in Vietnam

Investors must fulfill compulsory requirements per Vietnamese Law to set up a dental clinic in Vietnam. The requirements can be categorised into personnel, medical equipment, and building:

1. Personnel

  • A chief physician must possess a professional certificate that fit the clinic’s specialty and has a minimum of 54 months of the specialty’s practical experience
  • A plastic surgeon or specialist must have a professional and practical certificate in a cosmetic clinic with scope detailed on the certificate

2. Medical Equipment

  • The clinic must have medical equipment sufficient and suitable for the scope covered
  • The clinic must have sufficient anti-shock first-aid kits and emergency drugs
  • Other health counseling or consultation clinics must have telecommunication and information technology equipment that is suitable for the operational scope

3. Building Code

  • At a fixed location with adequate lighting, dust-proof and hygienic-material walls, ceilings, and floors
    Separated from family’s living areas
  • A specialised clinic must have space for patient reception of at least 10 to 18 meter-square, depending on the type of the specialised clinic
  • Maxillofacial clinics must have more than one dental chair with an area of at least 5 meter-square, and a procedure room of at least 10 meter-square, a separate sterilisation area to manage all used medical equipment for reuse

Procedure of Registering a Dental Clinic in Vietnam

Registering a dental clinic in Vietnam requires you to obtain relevant certificates as well. The procedure can be described in the following steps:

  1.  Prepare required documents for investment certificate application. Documents should be in both English and Vietnamese languages.
  2. Submit the application dossier to the provincial authority.
  3. Obtain the investment certificate once the application is approved. The entire process of getting the investment certificate takes about 45 to 60 business days.
  4. Acquire a corporate stamp after the investment certificate is issued.
  5. Announce the establishment of your dental clinic in Vietnam publicly.
  6. Open a company bank account in Vietnam.
  7. Apply for a dental clinic operational license by submitting required documents to the provincial authority.
  8. Receive the dental clinic operational license from the authority.
  9. The whole process of getting the operational license takes up to three months.

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Activities Allowed to be Operated in a Dental Clinic in Vietnam

A dental clinic in Vietnam can only perform professional activities that are permitted under the Vietnamese Law:

  • Gum disease treatment
  • Superficial laser treatment
  • Common disease treatment and examination
  • Maxillary and facial wounds’ first-aid treatment
  • Minor operations (face scar prevention for wounds smaller than 2cm)
  • Dental prosthesis
  • Dental treatment and care
  • Dental orthopedics
  • Tartar removal, tooth extraction, and superficial incision of tooth abscesses
  • Simple tooth implant
  • Other professional activities approved by the health department at the provincial level

How Cekindo can Assist

Cekindo has a wide array of business services designed to help you establish your dental clinic in Vietnam efficiently and conveniently with minimum hassle.

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