How a Professional Employer Organization in Vietnam can Help Your Business

PEO can handle all your human resource, payroll, & administrative functions. Learn more how a professional PEO can help your business in Vietnam

Running a business in Vietnam can be expensive, primarily when operating a small or medium company. Therefore, more and more enterprises in Vietnam have outsourced their human resource, payroll, and other administrative tasks to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or employer of record in Vietnam.

What is a PEO in Vietnam, then? PEO in Vietnam utilizes an employment model in which the PEO provider will hire employees on behalf of your company in Vietnam. PEO can handle all your human resource, payroll, and administrative functions. This allows you and your in-house staff to focus on other core functions of your company and grow your business.

What a PEO Can Do for You and Your Business

Reputable companies such as Cekindo can provide comprehensive PEO solutions encompassing the following:

1. Talent Recruitment

A credible PEO provider can help you recruit a qualified workforce and talent from all around the world.

2. Payroll Management

PEO agency can help you handle all your payroll functions. For example, payroll calculations, social benefits deduction, and payment coordination.

3. Employment Contract Drafting

PEO can assist you in drafting a legal employment contract that will eliminate possible future employment disputes.

4. HR Functions Management

Other HR functions that a PEO can take care of include benefits and insurance administration, holiday and leave benefits management, and other risk management tasks.

Add-on Services:

Most Business Process Outsourcing companies in Vietnam provide A-Z corporate services which includes complementary services you will most likely need, those include:

Immigration and Legal Consulting

Consultations on immigration and other legal matters are also part of the PEO services, depending on your unique business requirements. UPDATE: At this time we are NOT offering immigration/VISA services as a one time offer. We are, instead, offering it as a package deal. If you opt for either our Company Registration or Business Process Outsourcing products then we can help you with the visa in conjunction with those services.

Tax Handling

Employers of record or PEO are experts who are familiar with the tax legislation and structure in Vietnam. They can help you ensure your tax matters comply with the latest Vietnam tax laws.

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The Benefits of Using PEO Services for Recruitment in Vietnam

Recruitment Vietnam

Engaging with an Employer of Record of PEO can improve the in-house business performance and efficiency and eventually increase your business profitability. Here are some of the main benefits of using a PEO:

  • Reduce expenses and costs – decrease the number of full-time employees
  • Minimize or eliminate risks and liabilities – full compliance with Vietnam’s laws
  • Save time and money on recruitment – obtain qualified staff within and outside Vietnam through PEO’s expansive network
  • Enter Vietnam’s market in a short time without having to worry about recruitment and administrative tasks
  • Boost overall business performance, efficiency, and growth

How to Choose the Right Employer Organization in Vietnam

Before choosing a PEO, you must consider the following factors to ensure that you have the right PEO to optimize your business best.

  • Determine the technology of the PEO
  • Understand the structure of the PEO’s employee benefits
  • Identify the experience and qualification of the PEO
  • Get professional references concerning the PEO services
  • Do your due diligence on the PEO provider

Cekindo, Your Trusted PEO in Vietnam

Take your business further into global markets using Cekindo’s PEO in Vietnam. Specializing in business expansion, outsourcing, and PEO services in Vietnam, Cekindo’s comprehensive range of business solutions will help stay fully compliant with ever-changing Vietnamese laws.

Our PEO in Vietnam offers foreign entrepreneurs and business owners a new and more effective way to go international by recruiting a local workforce and experts in Vietnam. By engaging Cekindo with our PEO services, our experienced advisory experts will guide you through all legal nuances and work permit issues.

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