The Importance of Accurate Translation of Legal Documents in Vietnam

An incorrect Vietnamese document translation can lead to extremely serious consequences for your and your businesses. Learn more here.

Legal document translation is a draining but crucial process for many businesses in Vietnam. An incorrect Vietnamese document translation can lead to extremely serious consequences for your and your businesses.

Law and translation are both every distinctive entity but the word of law is more draconian and it must be accurate in all languages. This makes legal document translations even more challenging especially in a country like Vietnam with its law and regulations constantly shifting.

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Legal translation means using a legal document in one language and producing a legal document in another language. Legal documents are financial documents, patents, contracts and agreements, wills, and statutes, among others.

To be qualified to translate a legal document, a legal translator must have a lot of experience with legal systems, legal terms, and languages.

Therefore, using a professional legal translator is to translate important business and legal documents to ensure that all legal terms are translated correctly into the target language, which is vital.

The Importance of Accurate Translation of Legal Documents when Doing Business in Vietnam

Vietnam’s legal system structure and culture are two of the most important factors that influence the legal language of documents. The Vietnamese laws and codes can change when the nation’s cultural attitudes transform as well.

For this reason, companies must localise and personalise the legal documents for the locals to understand. It is not unusual that you may not find some Vietnamese legal terms in its English equivalent.

In Vietnam, the government creates certain legal terms differently in Vietnamese. This is why a legal translator is essential for businesses to make sure precise terms and words are used in the translated languages.

Misinterpretation of Vietnamese document translation can happen too as a result of different perspectives and judgments. Severe consequences of misinterpretation can cause misunderstanding between businesses and individuals, as well as harming diplomatic relations and eventually risking national security.

Vietnamese Document Translation for Marketing and Partnership

There are more than 80 million people in the world who speak Vietnamese including Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and China.

In addition to ensuring compliance with the Vietnamese legal system, your business can also offer Vietnamese content for marketing purposes. With that, your business can reach a larger Vietnamese-speaking audience in and outside Vietnam.

Accurate Vietnamese documents are also a must when you need to establish a partnership or working relationship with other Vietnamese companies.

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Cekindo Provides Legal Translation Services in Vietnam

It is pointless to cut corners with legal document translation when doing business in Vietnam. All legal documents must be translated by accredited legal translators.

If a business owner submits a Vietnamese document translation without certification by a professional legal translator, the Vietnamese authorities have the right to reject your application or registration that is related to your business. The rejection will eventually affect the application process.

Cekindo has a team of legal translators who can translate your important business and legal documents from English to Vietnamese and vice versa.

With the following qualities of our legal translator, you cannot do better than use Cekindo for professional and accurate legal translations:

  • Possess diverse experience in different industries
  • Able to do comprehensive research for unclear legal concepts and terminology
  • Have immense knowledge in the Vietnamese legal system and Vietnamese document translations
  • Hold professional certification with profound experience and qualification

Other Cekindo’s Translations Services from English to Vietnamese and Vice Versa

  • Import/Export Translation to Vietnamese
  • Financial Translation to Vietnamese (audit reports, bank statements, investment reports, tax reports, and income statements)
  • Certified translation from Vietnamese to English for purposes such as employment and academic applications (medical records, diplomas, school transcripts, passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates)

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