A Guide to Recruiting Interns In Vietnam

A guide for for people looking for internships in Vietnam, and for companies looking to hire young enthusiastic and well trained interns.

Internship programs in Vietnam provide the groundwork for finding the right employee for the desired position in a company. In Vietnam, there can be a plethora of interns to choose from, as the young population here is often multi-lingual and multi-skilled, with a great reserve of young IT professionals. 

Moreover, owing to the country’s strategic location, local interns enjoy easier access to Asian clients as compared to western countries.

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In this article, we provide a guide to recruiting an intern in Vietnam.

Where to Find Quality Interns

Before moving on to any platform for recruiting an intern, one must enlist certain qualities they want in the hiree. This will save them the trouble of selecting ‘the one’ from a sea of emails they’ll be receiving. 

To hire an intern in Vietnam, a company can approach VietnamWorks.com where interns often come to look for work or become a member of Facebook’s Vietnamese Interns group like ‘Internships and Jobs in Vietnam’. Posting an advertisement on social media walls, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can also get a company a wave of responses. Other effective methods are to create a job referral program where existing employees can be asked to refer suitable candidates, going to job fairs, picking interns from university partnerships, etc. 

Though, through any of these methods, a company will need to have its HR task force at deployment… leading to a greater array of investments, for instance, getting appealing advertisements created, and vetting through a sea of applicants. 

However, all this time and expense can be reduced greatly if one starts looking for a platform with all the best interns online, like virtualinternships.com

When a company signs up to become an organizational partner with Virtual Internships, it gets help in finding the right intern for the required position every time with no fees attached. And because all of the interns on this platform are remote workers, the company isn’t just limited to the talent pool of their own country. They can have access to global talent.

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What to Look For in Internship Programs in Vietnam

To make sure you’re hiring a potential employee, there are certain things to look for in an intern. 

  • Analyze if they’re paying attention to the detail
  • They’re eager to work and learn.
  • Inquire about their past experiences in their school/college projects and teamwork.

In addition, companies should also look for the one among the growing numbers of students who have studied abroad. They can contribute to their local economy with heightened language skills, critical thinking skills as well as a more well-balanced worldview allowing them to work in international firms more easily.

Hiring Vietnamese Interns 

Vietnam has seen a massive shift in literacy rate and education quality since the advent of the internet and other technological advancements. Vietnamese youths are much more versatile with multi-skill sets and industry-suited perspectives. Hiring an intern from Vietnam can prove beneficial for your company for the following reasons: 

  • Many of the young population can speak multiple languages: English being the most common among them.
  • Vietnam harbors a huge number of high-quality IT skilled professionals who require a lower cost of living.
  • Since Vietnam has an advantage of strategic location in Asia, any local intern will have far better access to Asian clients than, say, an intern in the United States.

Virtual Interns– Better Way to Hire Interns 

‘Virtual Internships’ provides an efficient way to hire interns – by connecting businesses from all over the world with universities and other educational institutions where students seek internships. A UK business with a base in Vietnam, and a client of Cekindo’s, Virtual Internships just received a $2.5 million capital to match 1 million students globally to companies worldwide.

With Virtual Internships, companies can employ interns for specific projects or a certain position. One can hire interns locally as well as have access to the global workforce to work as remote workers, with a reduced amount of paperwork. The Virtual Internship allows a business to:

  • Evaluate skill level before hiring someone and paying for commuting, a full-time wage, or work on a visa.
  • Work flexibly around their schedule.
  • Test with employment in new regions.

If a firm is searching for remote interns, it may quickly move forward with employing them if necessary. If not, one can resume their search at no further expense or time. The interns also benefit from not having to relocate and adjust to a new host culture while getting experience of the firm.

If you’re a business interested in hiring interns prepared for the new age of remote work visit Virtual Internships’ website and get in touch today.

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