A Guide to Operating a Large Warehouse in Vietnam

A warehouse space a business to operate and grow effectively. But how can businesses or investors set up and operate a large warehouse in Vietnam?

With the number of businesses in Vietnam rapidly increasing, so is the number of large warehouses being demanded, especially for the rising logistics industry. Warehouse space is critical and valuable as it allows a business to operate and grow effectively. But how exactly can businesses or investors set up and operate a large warehouse in Vietnam? Let’s explore in this article.

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Requirements for Establishing and Operating a Large Warehouse in Vietnam

The very first thing to consider is location and it depends on your business requirements, such as budget and accessibility. Then, to open your large warehouse in Vietnam successfully and comply with the local regulations, you must determine what requirements you have to follow through. There are two important operation procedures to establish a large warehouse in Vietnam: the legal procedure and the administrative procedure.

Initial Establishment Documents for Operation

All business owners must have these legal documents for the setup and operation of their large warehouse in Vietnam: Investment Registration Certificate (IRC), Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC), and tax code registration stamp and certificate.

Both IRC and ERC are the most important documents of all and they can be in written or electronic format. An IRC is mandatory for companies that provide a warehouse or factory for rent or those who rent a warehouse or factory. An IRC shall include information about the projects and the investors. As for the ERC, it is required for enterprises renting or owning a ready-built factory or warehouse.

Compulsory Departments to Have in Place for Warehouse Operations:

Companies need to have these three departments set up before they can run a large warehouse in Vietnam:

  • Recruitment Department

All businesses need employees to operate and thrive. This is why a recruitment department is critical as it gets your hiring going and filling positions with staff having the right skills and talent. Also, a recruitment department builds and allocates human resources – which is part of the company’s long-term production strategies.

  • Administrative Department

A fully-functioning administrative department is equipped with skilled reception staff to ensure an efficient administrative operation. A seamless administrative operation will in turn lead to higher overall warehouse productivity and efficiency.

  • Accounting and Legal Department

An accounting and legal department is also one of the departments that shall not be missing from a company with a large warehouse. This important department helps enterprises to prevent all possible legal complications. Legal compliance brings forth more opportunities and fewer resources wasted.

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Business Process Outsourcing as the Solution

To save time and money, among other resources, it would be best to outsource the above-mentioned business processes.

Not only does business process outsourcing free up your time to concentrate on what you are great at doing, but it also allows your employees to focus on servicing prospective and existing clients.

In simpler terms, the right business process outsourcing in Vietnam enables you to acquire a competitive advantage in an increasingly cutthroat marketplace.

Cekindo is the One-stop Solution Provider in Vietnam

For over a decade, Cekindo has been clients’ go-to one-stop business and outsourcing solution provider. We assist companies in Vietnam in choosing the right solutions by fully understanding their business goals and then achieve them through our effective approaches. Both local and international businesses in the country trust our ability to analyse their current business circumstances and offer them appropriate recommendations and solutions.

Businesses need to ensure that they have the assistance they need through business outsourcing and consultancy to remain competitive in the market. Successful organisations understand that Cekindo as their one-stop solution provider in Vietnam can help them overcome performance inefficiencies and outperform their competitors.

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