What You Need To Know About the Exit Visa in Vietnam

In light of recent immigration Updates, many foreigners who have overstayed will need to apply for an exit visa to be able to leave

There are many reasons foreigners are leaving Vietnam. For instance, your work contract or visa expires, you plan to seek adventures in another new country, or you just simply want to return home to be with your family. Recently many people need exit visas in light of new regulations which have placed limits on foreigners who are staying illegally. This can include having an investor or business visa, without actually having a business in Vietnam.

If you are a current client of Cekindo, and are looking for an exit visa, reach out to us via the Immigration Services Tab 

One thing that’s especially important is that you can’t leave Vietnam without an exit visa if you somehow overstay your visa, lose or damage your passport.

Therefore, you really have to pay attention to your Vietnam visa expiration date and don’t leave the extension until the last minute.

However, if one of those unfortunate events mentioned happens to you and you will need an Vietnam exit visa in order to leave Vietnam, here’s everything you need to to know to ensure your exit is as smooth as possible.

The Purpose of a Vietnam Exit Visa

A Vietnam exit visa is a travel document that a foreigner needs to leave Vietnam in case they are unable to extend their existing visa due to overstaying and loss or damage of passport. This visa is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. The validity of a Vietnam exit visa is 10 days and it takes approximately 3 to 5 business days to process the application.

Once you have obtained the Vietnam exit visa, you will have to leave the country within a week.

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Circumstances that Allow the Issuance of  a Vietnam Exit Visa

There are two circumstances that allow you to apply for a Vietnam exit visa in order for you to leave the country.

Overstaying or Expired Visas

Overstaying or expired visas have become a recent problem in light of the pandemic and recent visa regulation updates.

If this does happen to you, visa extension is not possible and here are the steps you can take to get an exit visa:

  1. Contact Cekindo visa expert for exit visa application or visa extension (visa extension is only possible when you overstay for only 1 or 2 days).  UPDATE: Cekindo no longer asists with exit visas unless you are a current Cekindo customer
  2. Submit your documents and your valid passport.
  3. Provide reasons for your overstaying and pay an overstaying fine.
  4. Pay the fee for your exit visa.
  5. Receive your exit visa along with your passport.

Damaged or Lost Passport

Obtaining a Vietnam exit visa because of a lost or damaged passport will be more complicated and we advise you to contact Cekindo for more detailed information.

  1. Visit the nearest local police office to report your lost or damaged passport.
  2. Get a confirmation from the police office to process your new passport.
  3. Visit your country’s embassy in Vietnam and provide them the police report, your passport photos, and fees for the new passport.
  4. Apply for the Vietnam exit visa at the Vietnam Immigration Department with valid documents.
  5. Pay for the Vietnam exit visa application fees.
  6. Get the exit visa receipt and present it at your country’s embassy to collect your new passport.

How Cekindo can Assist

NOTE: At this time we do not offer exit visas as a one time service. We ONLY offer this to existing and ongoing clients of Cekindo.

We offer practical and end-to-end solutions to foreign individuals who wish to have a short visit or relocate to Vietnam. With our expertise, experience and knowledge, we can ensure a smooth and fast application process, and increase your chances of getting the right type of visa you need.

More and more individuals from all over the world are choosing Cekindo because they know that they can get first-rate benefits with our services. Our expert team will work exclusively with each individual to help them understand the procedures and prerequisites, to choose the best visa, and complete the required assessment and document submission.

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